Tuesday, February 26, 2019


The goal is the backbone of our life. Without it, we can not stand and also can not achieve anything. The goal of life decides the destination of your journey.  It should be clear and feel happy.
We get a unique and beautiful life once so, we should not waste it incomplete vision. Decide on the aim of life. 
We always try to make yourself perfect which is wrong because something like “perfect”  does not exist in this word so how we can make ourselves perfect but we can get perfection in our work. we should notice our weakness and work on it. If we say, I am perfect in our field, means, we know everything about that field. Now, anyone can ask me anything about our field. In this case, we are able to give the answer to each and every question. If, we are not able to give an answer to a single question than we can not consider ourselves as a perfect. Because the meaning of perfect is that we know everything about our field. If we considered ourselves perfect, it means, we stop learning which is not right for us. We should learn at least one good lesson daily.

We expect many things from our life but we are not ready to work according to our expectation. We do not provide good and positive knowledge of our mind. We always store unnecessary information in our brain which harms us to achieve our goal.
We should control our mind with the right education and the right knowledge which we can gain from our mistakes, our experience, our mentors, our elders, and or from our surrounding atmosphere.  Good knowledge and experience will be wasted if we do not implement it our life.

When we are born, many people expect many things from us but nobody provides us with the right information which is really right for us. To achieve the right path of the goal we need to walk step by step towards our goal. From our childhood, we follow others. We always try to make ourselves like them, want to achieve success like them but we never ask ourselves that what we want. 
We have time to discuss about others but we do not have time to talk with ourselves. We should talk to ourselves once every day Otherwise we will lose the opportunity to talk to the best person in the world.  Treat ourselves like own best friend who will live with us whole life and do not expect anything from us and also do not demand anything from us to live with us. 

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